Friday, February 25, 2011

Tracey Thurman

Latest news: Tracy Thurman is known as the Connecticut housewife who suffered domestic violence to her husband, Charles Buck Thurman. horrific abuse came to a climax in a bloody night when Buck Thurman knife Tracy 13 times. Buck was arrested, and Tracy could have been saved by doctors.
Tracey Thurman was the inspiration Thurman Act, which called for mandatory arrests in wife beating cases in Connecticut and several other states. Thurman Act was the result of the efforts of Tracey when she sued the police because she was unable to obtain adequate protection from local police forces in 1989. Tracey Thurman was left partially paralyzed and has received 2.3 million dollars in compensation in 1985.
The film is inspired by the history of Tracey Thurman was made in 1989, directed by Robert Markowitz. a cry for help: Tracy Thurman Story first aired on October 2, 1989. Nancy McKeon, who played Tracey Thurman in a cry for help, starred in the hope that it will keep Buck Thurman in prison for a longer time.


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